13cts Boulder Pipe Opal Polished Stone * AOH-3459



Down Under Opals

“Dreaming Opals”

The opal formed in rocks such as sandstone, ironstone, and petrified wood. When hydrated silica replaced rounded organic matter of tree roots and such, it occasionally formed a pipe opal of superior vibrancy and brightness.

Stone : Boulder Pipe Opal
Mine : Quilpie Area

Outback Queensland Australia

Natural Untreated

Cut and Polished Solid Stone

This beauty is ready to be set in jewellery.

We also use a 100mm Macro Lens to take pictures, this helps capture every detail in the stone, which sometimes is not visible to the common eye.

Please note : Not all scales are made the same, so there maybe slight variation is size and weight.


Member of the ” Queensland Boulder Opal Association Inc.”
Member of the ” Lightning Ridge Miners Association”

Member of the ” Opal Association of Australia “

Additional information

Weight 0.0026 kg
Dimensions 3.11 × 1.01 × 0.46 cm

Cabochon, Polished


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